Special Education Consulting Services (SPEDCO) was established to assist Charter Schools who were having concerns with compliance, inappropriate identification of students with disabilities, difficult team meetings and retention of special education staff.  The experience and skill set required of a Special Education Director is difficult for small schools to locate and hire due to cost and the multiple tasks the Director is expected to manage.  

Charter Schools and small LEA’s are in need of consistent support, training and consultation with a knowledgeable, experienced Special Education Director. Over the past six years, SPEDCO has grown and expanded to meet the needs of new and existing Charter Schools, schools out of state and we are hoping to expand to districts.

 SPEDCO’s goal is to provide the school staff with the best services and coaching regarding support, professional development and consultation of the federal laws and guidelines. This allows special education teacher(s)/directors the ability to focus on their student’s educational needs, which is truly the most important service a school is providing.