Services for Charter Schools Nationwide

Technical Services

SPEDCO consultants will conduct a comprehensive review tailored to the needs of the school, designed in conjunction with school administration. Activities may include classroom observations, interviews with school personnel and students, special education file reviews, and stakeholder/parent input meetings. Selected areas of review can align with state or federal requirements, as well as additional requested areas such as assessment, instruction, and educational outcomes.

The school will receive a completed report, with strengths and areas of concern noted. Potential improvement activities will be identified along with general guidance outlining actions the school administration can take to initiate selected improvement activities. At the close of the program review visit, school staff, parents and stakeholders will have the opportunity to meet with SPEDCO consultant(s) to review preliminary strengths and needs prior to completion of the final report. At the close of the technical assistance follow-up visit, the school will receive written feedback identifying strengths and potential areas for improvement related to the school improvement plan and associated action steps.

Deeper Technical Assistance and Program Development:

Following the program review, SPEDCO consultants are available to provide deeper technical assistance and program development in the areas of improvement plan implementation, professional development, and systems coaching.

SPEDCO offers a dedicated team of professionals with practical experience across multiple aspects of education analysis, strategy, reform, implementation, and evaluation. Our team’s knowledge spans all levels of education including early childhood, elementary, secondary, vocational, higher, and teacher education programs across the public and private sectors. At any time, we have consultants working on education projects of every type and size, many of whom have previously served as teachers, policy makers, institutional leaders, researchers, and education entrepreneurs. This array of expertise places SPEDCO in a unique position to meet the technical assistance and program development needs of schools. 

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