Special Education Director

SPEDCO will assign a qualified and licensed individual to serve as the LEA’s Special Education Director. The Special Education Director will provide professional special education services, coordinate PD and technical services throughout the school year. Special Education Director services include reviewing data to determine trends, monitoring progress, making data-based decisions, submitting federal and state reports, providing and/or scheduling staff trainings, attending mandatory state meetings and ensure effective communication with school administration regarding changes to state law, federal regulation, and USBE-SER. Work is completed both on-site and off-site.

Special Education Director Coaching

SPEDCO will assign a qualified coach to mentor and improve your current Special Education Director’s knowledge within the complexities of their position or develop the leadership skills of a Special Education Teacher ready to transition into a leadership role. The coach will be there to answer the Director’s challenging questions, provide expert advice, share resources, teach specific components of the job and guide the teacher in developing leadership skills. Work is completed both on-site and off-site.