A La Carte

School Support After School Year Begins
Sped Director + Program Specialist

Often times, schools start the year with the intention of moving forward with no problems. Unfortunately, there are times when things are not within the control of the school and personnel quit, parents become upset, a tough student has more challenges than the school is prepared to manage, etc.  SPEDCO can help with managing tough situations and get the school back on track.  We are equipped to work with emergency situations and give the time needed to support the school.  If a school needs this type of support there is an emergency set up fee plus the school would need to sign on with SPEDCO for special education director services and use our program specialist.

Hiring Support Only

If a school does not want to sign up with SPEDCO for year round services they can hire one of our contractors to help staff your school.  We will assist with vetting applications, interviewing process and consult with administration on hiring.  We will also offer job descriptions and salary suggestions if needed.

  • Hiring Special Education Teacher/Coordinator

Phone Call & Email Support Services

  • 5 emails, 2 phone calls per month, USEAM notes & email list with current information.
  • Additional Needs/$120 an hour

Training Modules

  • Website Access
  • Onsite training fee’s vary and are listed under specific trainings

July & August School Set-Up

  • Review and provide job descriptions
  • Create special education schedule
  • Finalize budget
  • Finalize hiring
  • Set up data collection program
  • Order curriculum
  • Order achievement testing & schedule training (if needed)
  • Coordinate ESYE stipend
  • Review files
  • Organize incoming files
  • LEA specific Para training
  • Identify DLM students
  • Essential elements set up
  • Calendar progress report distribution
  • Calendar due dates for IEP’s and Eligibility
  • File request tracking system
  • Create/Update caseload
  • High School only - Work with counselor to review transcripts for credits & review transition needs.
  • Attend Law Conference
  • Copy IEP’s for distribution

Program Evaluation & Comprehensive Report Fall & Spring

  • Curriculum
  • Learning Space
  • Student Supports/Para educator support
  • General Education Services
  • Delivery of Specialized Instruction
  • Data Analysis
  • Schedule
  • Interview staff and administration
  • Budget review
  • High Schools Only - Review transition and post high