Spedco is an amazing company. Amy is knowledgeable in conflict resolution, sped law, budgeting and so much more. She is an integral part of opening a new school. Her relationship with the USOE and ability to network me with others has helped my first year program be more success than had I not hired her. Amazing people. Quality training. A must have for new schools and schools needing support for their sped department.
— Ashley Pobliego, Utah Military Academy

We have found SPEDCO a consummate partner! I can contact SPEDCO about anything and I always get a great, professional perspective. Our SPEDCO specialist looks at situations through many angles and looks for win-win solutions. SPEDCO is an advocate for the student - a champion for their success, both near and long-term! SPEDCO looks for ways to accomplish these student-centered solutions within the academic and business needs of the student’s environment.

SPEDCO specialist are more than willing to attend planning meetings, IEPs, and other meetings as needed but we have also very effectively used technology to achieve many results (texts, phone calls, conference calls, Skype meetings, etc.).
— Rick Kempton, Noah Webster Academy

Spedco is a fabulous consultant company. They assisted Voyage Academy in our startup year and continue to offer valuable support. They are knowledgeable of all SPED laws. They respond quickly to phone calls and emails. They are also a company that doesn’t wait for you to ask for help, they are proactive. I have received several emails over the past two years from SPEDCO offering assistance in areas that I didn’t even know I needed. Our SPED program wouldn’t be what it is today without them. Thank you SPEDCO.
— Stacee Phillips, Voyage Expeditionary Learning Academy

Special Education (when handled well) allows a school and its students to thrive. Rockwell Academy has fumbled and stumbled over the years, but contracting with SPEDCO the past three years has been a proven benefit. I believe partnering with SPEDCO has allowed us to transform our culture. The SPEDCO team is professional, accessible and she and very much part of our school’s team. Small schools owe it to themselves to check out what SPEDCO offers because they are on the ball and reasonably priced.
— Darren Beck, Principal, Rockwell Charter High School